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What is BIM?
BIM (Building Information Modelling)

BIM is a process to form a digital representation of both physical and functional characteristics of a facility.

“The central piece to successful BIM is a 3D representation of the structure to be built, incorporating architectural, structural, civil, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and other critical construction elements into one model”

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The BIMformation Architecture team strives to provide tailored solutions for our clients that meet their aspirations and budgets, whilst making a positive contribution to the built environment.
We’re the glue that connects every phase, every challenge and every contractor. By charting the way forward and proactively identifying potential risks, we can prevent problems that might hinder progress.
With more than 15 years of experience we offer our customers a comprehensive suite of maintenance, facilities and asset management services that can be tailored to suit your requirements.
Planning, Management & Operation
Not only can we model, schedule, and manage the design, construction and on-going maintenance of your building, we can model and assess your existing facility to ensure your primary asset is operating at its full potential.
Existing condition modelling Record modelling Asset management Building maintenance scheduling
our process
BIMformation are at the forefront of BIM implementation in New Zealand. We have a wide range of experience on small and large scale projects. Our expert team will guide you from project inception through to completion and ongoing management systems. Qualified and competent in all elements of design, project management and construction to provide you the best information possible.
client interaction
  • We believe in ease of service, and developing a strong collaboration with our clients and partners from the project outset.
  • With a strong focus on project preparation and organisation, we achieve smooth transition from the design stage to construction through to operation.
  • Traditional design and construction processes are dated, fragmented and frustrating for the client. We embrace digital modelling and latest technology to give you complete oversight of the project in 3D on your mobile device!
project creation
  • BIMformation provide a digital representation and model of your building, rich with information and data.
  • Let us send your model straight to your mobile device so you can walk-through the building throughout any stage of design.
  • Our team brings everyone together so there are clear targets and results expected across the board.
  • We produce accurate take-offs, schedules and shop drawings all from the one BIM model.
Project Implementation
  • We don’t think any project should start on site until all major contractors meet and understand the agreed detailed Construction Schedule.
  • Our ‘Construction’ BIM model issued digitally to an on-site contractor’s mobile device allows 3D on site review and model comparison, and efficient visual based communication with Project Management and Design teams.
  • Clash detection in the design stage means reduced chance of error on site, keeping things moving forward and avoiding unexpected variation costs.
  • Health & Safety is paramount to our practice!
Our recently completed projects
What our clients say
EPIC Innovation Campus
Executive Directors

“EPIC has used Complete Projects for a number of years and we have always been very happy with the results. Tim is a diligent and hard working person, who leads projects with care and provides valuable insights to either enhance or de-risk a solution being aware of building codes and regulations. He has always been transparent with cost and worked hard to make sure that every piece of work is delivered to the right quality standard, on time and on budget.”

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